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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 7, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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for more let's head to mike masco. >> when the winds start cranking, it goes through you. that will be the deal for much of the night. we're not talking about high winds. you may get snow flurries. you may get snow. it could be some accumulation, but we're keeping the chance to the north near philadelphia. want to talk about snow, let's show you snow. how about this? in connecticut, near new haven, bordering the long island sound. man is it snowing 5.5 inches of snow thus far. the snow is coming down. again, the snow has been falling as far as atlantic city airport, visibility down to zero. it's all about location,
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location. seems like we got lucky. certainly not anywhere in comparison with sandy being the strongest. this is one of those average of the mill nor'easters. let's go to that water main break. >> unfortunately, the cold temperatures will make matters worse. it's 60 inches right between north avenue and 20th street. many nor by will be flooded, so avoid this area if at all possible. you'll want to stick with 83 or calvert as your alternate route. no delays on the jfx.
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harford tunnel will be clear. watch out for delays in the towson area. it will take you 17 extra minutes from the inner loop down to 9345. we have a crash in anne arundel county. it will be at the off ram. that's a look at your time saver traffic. >> let's take a look at that. you're looking at a live picture of the scene. there's a pop. there now we're worried about the temperatures dropping when the sun went night, night, right? >> let's let over to roosevelt leftwich and joce sterman. >> reporter: we began to hear the jack hammering. the bge crews have been working on the gas lines. that's a real cause for concern.
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>> the water in this particular intersection -- you have water mains, smaller ones, the gas lines, electric lines. they want to be careful. you can see it's a trickle as the water is coming out. there's still a lot of water out, many millions of gallons. let's take a look. it's right here at 20th and charles. it's running like the susquehanna. it was first thought there with be problems with the train station but that didn't happen. as they were walking around and saw all this water, they didn't know what to think. >> i looked up and said oh my goodness, what's going on now. terrible. and look at that. look at all of that.
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i feel sorry for the people's cars out there. terrible. >> a bust like that with the whole street coming up and they keep moving it back and back. the street is coming up. >> that's ridiculous, man. >> reporter: it sure is ridiculous when you see all that water. the bus route has been stopped. it has caused problems with commuters. something is falling from the sky like a rain or a sleet. >> they did have to have this morning a few temporary evacuations. the building had a longer evacuation. they said they're prepping to get them back into their houses. rosie, this is not the first water main break. this is not first. certainly it's not going to be the last to create headaches in baltimore. we want to talk about the history of these. we've seen at least a half dozen major water main breaks.
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repairs to that 20-inch water main took weeks to finish. a week later a break on monument street which caused a giant sinkhole that diverted traffic there. last week water main breaks on smaller pipes on cold spring and york road. now dpw said you can blame that aging infrastructure that will take decades and hundreds of millions of dollars to fix. >> i think everybody is hoping for more infrastructure investment coming from the federal government but that isn't here right now, so that's one of those things, i think, we all need to push for to say we need to invest in our old infrastructure to renew it. >> reporter: they don't need a little bit of money. they need a whole lot. $300 million for the next five
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years and about a million dollars per mile. sadly, they will pass the cost on to you. >> reporter: if you look, crews are all over the place. a lot of the crews can't do anything until the gas and mains are rerouted or secure. once they start digging in and goat an idea of what they have there, that's the only idea they can determine the extent of the damage. right now let's toss is back to you guys in the studio. we'll have an update at six and hear from the city spokesman to talk about what you'll see for the rest of the night. >> thanks a lot, guys. all right, coming up, it may prevent drinking and driving, but being able this walk home from the bar could be bad for your health too. we'll tell you about the new
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study. a local scoop program is now -- school program is now trying to get students financially fit. >> this is wyatt everhart, maryland's most accurate weather center. we're looking at ocean city. big nor'easter coming in. beach erosion, high tides. we'll talk about the impacts around baltimore when we come book.
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some new research shows that medicine could be used to fight cancer. scientists studied nearly 19,000 cancer patients taking statins and found the risk of death dropped by 15%. more studies will have to be done but it showed the benefits could be broad, in this case working with patients with 13 different types of cancer. there's a shot to avowed the flu for the nora virus and it can leave you dehydrated. food is one of the most common kays the virus is spread and it
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tends to move person to person and faster in nursing homes and daycare. >> nora virus is a virus. it's fund in the stool and it's easily contagious by touching something or touching something that's been or a surface that hasn't been wiped properly. >> researchers are working on a vaccine but for now doctors are recommending just wash your hands often as a good defense. forget genetics, a new study found the amount of alcohol a person drinks could be related to where they live. they said the closer people live to a bar, the higher the chances they will be heavy drinkers. researchers found nearly 10% of people living 400 feet or closer to a bar or what they consider heavy drinkers. >> all right. the votes are. the races are over. now it's time to govern again
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but will the republicans be able to get more done. and it's every elementary school's dream come true. kiss a pig. the principal did it.
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just a light area of precipitation. on the back southwestern edge of the storm. the remember, the storm is centered well offshore, offshore of new jersey right now. producing some light rain, light rain we've gotten spotty reports of a wintry mix coming down. certainly wintry mix near dover delaware. some of this light rain from baltimore to the south side of
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town reaching south into northern anne arundel county, glen burnie, light thy couple, halethorpe, those areas. if you're pick up the kids, you will want to dry with caution. these are areas that travel will be tough. havre de grace, a little bit of a mix at times here but we think it's from havre de grace north up i-95 is where you have the toughest travel problem. a nor'easter sending in the big waves. beach erosion, tough weather along the coast. it only get's worse as you head north into the new jersey beaches and on the eastern shore where we have seen a mix, not too far from salisbury. here in baltimore, current conditions 41. humidity is 71%. the coastal flood concerns are still ever present along the
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worcester county area and into cape may and on up through the jersey coast. there will be beach erosion from the big wave. maybe two feet that peak along the immediate coastline. wind gusts are the highest. we've seen gusts of 15 to 20 around the immediate baltimore area but much higher toward philly and new york where the storm is closer, closer. it's still off shore. the wraparound flow. ocean city feeling like 26, a wind chill in baltimore a little bit more tolerable. some pretty impressive snow band action coming into new jersey, several inches on the ground, from new york city into the new england states many we thought this storm might make a southern push, put maryland more into that coating to an inch type scenario. it just did not pan out. no shoveling required. plows can take it easy.
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you can see the center of the storm a couple hundred miles off of atlantic city, new jersey and sending in the wrap around prescription -- precipitation. temperatures diving into the 30s, just above freezing, enough for slick spots. trend for tomorrow we'll warm it up. 32 tonight. a few snow showers but mainly to the north and east. tomorrow 50 under clearing skies. it will stay breezy. and then 33 tomorrow night as we stay clear, cold. the outlook into the weekend is good stuff. temperatures getting mild. we're at 60 on saturday. some spots south of the city toward edgewater, 70. that's good news for the
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veterans day parade. kind of an ugly night, especially eastern shore, up through cecil. all right. you have voted and the verdict is. it's the president who beat out mitt romney. tory dunnan joins us with more on the president's big night. >> reporter: right now president obama is on his way from chicago to the white house. and he brings with him a clear victory. >> four more years! four more years! >> reporter: four more years it is for the president. he took to the stage for a victory party in chicago. >> we have picked ourselves up. we have fought our way back, and we know in our hearts that for the united states of america the best is yet to come.
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>> reporter: with a decisive victory he won 50% or more of the popular vote and 303 electoral votes to romney's 206. in his second term the president called for union -- unity. >> we are not as divided as our politic suggest. >> reporter: mitt romney echoed that sentiment to disappointed campaign workers. >> the nation,al you know, is at -- nation, as you know, is at a political point. our leaders have to reach across the aisle. >> reporter: as the president heads back it d.c., republicans still control the house. democrats still control the senate. now the conversation has shifted
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whether all parties can work together to solve the nation's problems. jamie, it seems like president obama has many challenges ahead. he called congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle to really get a bipartisan head start. >> all right. you did a great job. now tomorrow you start work on the 2016 campaign. >> thanks. seniors of mercy high school in north baltimore are preparing for college. an alum is teaching them to be financially fit. >> reporter: alisha remembers sitting in these seats as a student at mercy high school. now she's teaching students about finances and making good credit choices. right now they're busy working on a prom budget.
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>> i want to provide them with a solid foundation of credit awareness so when they get in out on college campus and offered these credit card programses and dying for a new pair of jeans that they're not tempted to get a credit card. >> reporter: this is part of freddie mac's program. alisha has seen many make bad decision. she teaches them how credit affects their future. >> talking recently about credit and getting good credit so we can maybe get some loans to buy a car, buy a house and not to ruin our credit because it's a long time before we can renew credit. >> a charge happens automatically every single month. >> reporter: alisha has taught this class as a volunteer. >> it's important to warn students about the debt pit false she experienced. >> i've made almost -- and i tell the girls this, i've made
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almost all the mistakes i tell them not to make that i teach out of this book. i ruined my credit. i isn't too much money. i didn't pay my bills on time. i did that because i didn't know any better. >> reporter: thanks to guidance and teps, they are on the path to right money management. >> the freddy mac's smart credit course is part of mercy high school. we can plrn from that one. we have 30 people in anne arundel county. they're homeless. and we're continuing to follow thrills water main break. we'll continue our coverage. we'll hear from the people living right here in the break area. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. untain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee?
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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every school as its fund-raisers. >> these students are working hard. today they got their reward, an assembly with the assistant principal who had to kiss the pig. >> i felt it was the least i could do to kiss the pig and i kissed it twice. >> the students raised more than $12,000 in all and the kindergartner who razeed the most -- raised the most won an ipad touch. okay. there's probably lots of celebration going on in kitchens
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last night but in the -- not like this one. when the race was called he couldn't go back to sleep. he finally settled down after midnight and was screaming obama, obama. >> we have an apartment fire in anne arundel county. it has put a lot of people on the street. >> we have that story and lot more that start now. the latest on the repair efforts. >> water rushed so quickly, people had to be evacuated. cars were under water. we'll show you what people in the neighborhood saw, but, first, people are still recovering from superstorm sandy. now another storm is threatening the east coast. >> let's check in with wyatt
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everhart. impacts to maryland, the good news the storm is staying out. here we go a couple of wintry showers still over the eastern shore. there will be a couple of light mix showers around baltimore, around central maryland. we're seeing a little bit of that beginning to wrap around the southwestern part of the storm. still a little bit of light drizzle and some of this mixing in with perhaps snow and ice. drive careful. this will melt on contact. temperatures are safely above freezing. this nor'easter continuing to drift north but an impressive looking satellite shot,


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